The App That Aims To Put Your Lifespan In Your Hands

Andrew Ahachinsky

The App That Aims To Put Your Lifespan In Your Hands

The disruptive technology behind Fitbit and other wearable devices has helped make people much more aware of their health and fitness and offered a tantalising glimpse into the future of healthcare.

Vancouver-based tech startup Eterly is taking this a stage further with an app that works with wearables to derive insight about the user’s lifestyle habits that could be a factor in how long they will live.

As well as monitoring steps, heart rate, and sleep, Eterly employs an intelligent chatbot that prompts users for information about their eating habits, vitamin intake, and even their mood. It then assigns each user with a unique, algorithmically determined 'Longevity Score', which is updated on a daily basis.

Users will be able to ‘mine’ tokens by achieving their health and fitness goals designed and delivered to them by the AI-driven chatbot, which acts like a virtual personal trainer.

Eterly’s founder and CEO is Andrew Ahachinsky, a lifelong fitness enthusiast and longevity evangelist.

He says: “Life extension became a personal interest for me when members of my family suffered illnesses, including hypertension and heart problems. I hit upon the idea of finding potential life extension solutions by optimising lifestyle factors; the concept of micro-managing one’s health with the help of AI.”

He began developing a health and fitness app that could monitor users’ daily activity, both inside and outside their body, and make recommendations in real time about adjustments they could make to their lifestyles that would help them live fitter, healthier, and quite possibly, longer lives.

Ahachinsky then hooked up with Nikita Kolmogorov, at that time a teacher of iOS development at the Lighthouse Labs coding academy in Vancouver, and now Eterly’s CTO. They started mapping the first version of an MVP and began developing the AI that is a critical component of what would soon become Eterly.

In the summer of 2017 Ahachinsky also met London based longevity expert Dmitry Kaminsky, co-founder and managing partner at Hong Kong-based investment fund Deep Knowledge Ventures, which has backed leading longevity-focused companies such as Insilico Medicine. Kaminsky has famously pledged a $1 million-dollar reward to the next person who breaks the record for longevity, currently held by Frenchwoman Jeanne De Calment, who lived to be 122.5 years old.


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