Eterly announces ICO for life extension application development project

Andrew Ahachinsky

Eterly announces ICO for life extension application development project

Eterly, the company found by a fitness fanatic and longevity evangelist Andrew Ahachinsky, has announced an initial coin offering (ICO) intended at raising funds for further development of its eponymous longevity-focused mobile application. It aims at adding blockchain edge to the existing application and thus creating a comprehensive and many-faceted longevity ecosystem for millions of users. The company hopes to attract $15 000 000 of investments.

Dmitry Kaminsky, the Managing Partner of Deep Knowledge Ventures and the longevity activist and investor known for his promise to give a $1 000 000 award to the next person to break the record for longevity, said he will support the project with his money and expertise in the industry.

“While many personalized, preventive, predictive and healthspan-extending interventions are on the horizon, Eterly is something that the public can use today, for free, in order to obtain personalized health and lifestyle recommendations and extend their healthy longevity. They are the first longevity-focused mobile app backed by real science and with plans to bootstrap their effectiveness via integrated AI. This is the reason I chose to support Eterly,” – Kaminsky commented on the matter.

As of now, Eterly application already works seamlessly a number of health control wearable devices including Fitbit. It collects data on its users’ daily activity and fitness habits, while featuring an intelligent chatbot capable of assigning users with unique algorithmically determined “Longevity Score”.

To-be blockchain component of the app will enable its users to “mine” tokens by means of completing their health and fitness goals set by an AI-driven “virtual personal trainer”, as promised by Eterly team.


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