London Based Longevity Investor Helping To Launch ICO For Life Extension App

Andrew Ahachinsky

London Based Longevity Investor Helping To Launch ICO For Life Extension App

The disruptive technology behind wearable devices such as Fitbits has helped to put health and fitness front and centre of the public’s consciousness, as well as offering a tantalising glimpse into what the future of healthcare might look like.

One company embracing the disruption of the global healthcare and pharma industries for the better is Eterly; an app that works seamlessly with wearables including Fitbit to capture data about its user’s daily activity and fitness habits, whilst taking things a stage further.

Besides steps, heartrate, and sleep, Eterly employs an intelligent chatbot that prompts users for information about their eating habits, vitamin intake, and even mood, and assigns each user with a unique, algorithmically determined "Longevity Score", which is updated on a daily basis, and designed to get people thinking more about leading the healthiest, happiest, and longest lives possible.

The company, led by founder and CEO Andrew Ahachinsky, a fitness fanatic and longevity evangelist is preparing to raise $15 million via an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) to fund the further development of the app, whilst also adding a blockchain back end that the company hopes will become the ultimate longevity ecosystem.

Eterly hopes to attract millions of users, the support of the global pharma industry, and world-leading science and health experts, and allow people to take control of their medical health records in a responsible and empowering way, with the option to share data with pharma companies, to help them discover better treatments.

Longevity is all the rage in Silicon Valley, with the likes of Google’s Larry Page, alongside drug development company Abb-Vie helping to drive $1.5 billion of investment into Calico Labs, a mysterious entity where some of the world’s leading longevity scientists work to try to find a cure for the aging process.

Then there is Aubrey De-Grey, a Londoner now living in the Valley, and one of the world’s most well-known longevity evangelists, who says that soon humans will start to measure lifespan in four, or maybe even five figures. De Grey’s Sens Research Foundation recently received a $2.4 million donation, in Ethereum, from the cryptocurrency’s inventor, Vitaly Buterin.

Peter Thiel, founder of PayPal and Palantir Technologies, and Bill Gates, have also recently invested into longevity funds. But Dmitry Kaminsky, based in London, and Managing Partner of Deep Knowledge Ventures is arguably just as well known within longevity circles.

Kaminsky has promised to give a $1 million-dollar reward to the next person to break the record for longevity, currently held by Jeanne De Calment, the Frenchwoman who lived to be 122.5 years old. Deep Knowledge Ventures has backed leading longevity-focused companies including Insilico Medicine, and Kaminsky is Managing Trustee of the Biogerontology Research Foundation UK.

Kaminsky is using his comprehensive knowledge of the longevity industry to help guide Eterly through its upcoming ICO.

The idea is that users will be able to "mine" tokens by completing their health and fitness goals, which will be designed and delivered to them by the AI-driven chatbot, which acts like a "virtual personal trainer".

Scientists and health experts in the field of longevity will also be able to earn tokens by submitting their work to the platform, and by independently curating a marketplace of health, fitness and anti-aging products and treatments.

Kaminsky has commented that "while many personalized, preventive, predictive and healthspan-extending interventions are on the horizon, Eterly is something that the public can use today, for free, in order to obtain personalized health and lifestyle recommendations and extend their healthy longevity."

"They are the first longevity-focused mobile app backed by real science and with plans to bootstrap their effectiveness via integrated AI. This is the reason I chose to support Eterly."

Eterly is led by CEO and founder Andrew Ahachinsky, who attended the Precision Medicine World Conference last month to announce the global launch of the app, where he also struck a partnership with Deep Wave Technologies, the Neurology and Deep Sleep specialists, who will allow Eterly to use their technology, and use Eterly’s platform.

While the world waits for Silicon Valley boffins to discover a cure for aging, and in some circles there is strong belief that it will be sooner rather than later, Eterly’s app, currently in its first iteration, with 4 more planned, and available via the Google Play and iTunes stores, and platform will try to help its users get a head start, and help them fight the aging process.

According to the Center for Disease Control in the US, diseases, such as cancer, stroke, heart-related problems, and breathing difficulties cause 69% of all mortalities in the US, despite the fact that 20-40% of these deaths could be avoided if people took the right health precautions.


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