Eterly: Personalized AI Life Extension Health Tracking App?

Andrew Ahachinsky

Eterly: Personalized AI Life Extension Health Tracking App?

Eterly is an artificial intelligence wellness app that aims to help you live a healthier, happier, and longer life. Find out how it works today in our review.

What Is Eterly?

Eterly, found online at, is an AI app “for life extension.” The AI-driven platform advises you on health and fitness goals. It works seamlessly with wearable data, helping record your steps, track sleep patterns, and monitor your heart health.

Here’s how the official Eterly website explains it:

“Using proprietary technology, cutting edge science, and advanced AI techniques, Eterly acts like a personal coach, custom designing and adjusting, in real time, a health and fitness routine mapped to precisely fit each and every user’s specific needs.”

Eterly also claims to be the first app created by longevity experts. It recommends health and wellness strategies based on real scientific proof.

The Vancouver-based Eterly plans to raise $15 million through an ICO.

How Does Eterly Work?

Eterly comes in the form of a free mobile app for iOS or Android.

At first glance, the app will seem similar to other fitness and health tracker apps. The main dashboard features a broad overview of your health patterns and activity, for example.

You can dive deeper into any single aspect of your health. Eterly has a comprehensive AI mechanism that will “analyze your lifestyle for you and find what might just correlate with the science of aging.”

Based on all of the information collected from user inputs, wearable data, and the AI mechanism, Eterly will calculate your “Longevity Score”. Your score takes into account things like diet, activity, sleep, and stress, then runs data through an AI algorithm.

After calculating all of this information, Eterly’s AI technology will provide personalized recommendations. The Eterly app will create an individual profile for each user based on data collected from the fitness tracker.

Eterly also aims to act like a personal health coach in your pocket. You can ask it questions, for example, and get intelligent responses from the AI system.

Overall, Eterly sees its platform as a “life extension technology”. By educating users on various aspects of their health, Eterly empowers users to take control of their lifespan. Eterly aims to offer smart, proactive measures that can improve your health every day. By implementing these measures today, you may be able to live a longer, healthier life.

Eterly Personalized AI Life Extension Health Tracking App Features

Eterly emphasizes all of the following features:

Personalized Recommendations:

Eterly measures your lifestyle and daily routine information in order to create a specific profile dedicated to you. When you input new information about your health and activities into the Eterly app, it will immediately begin suggesting changes that will help you improve your health and fitness.

Daily Activity Analysis:

The Eterly app stores and processes information into the blockchain, ensuring you’re always in full control of your data.

Life Longevity Prediction:

Eterly calculates your personal longevity score using an algorithm that measures thousands of different data points.

Interactive Chatbot:

Eterly’s interactive chatbot will ask you for various health information, then recommend various dietary changes, supplements, fitness strategies, and more that will put you on the path towards reversing the aging process.

Nutrient Tracking:

Eterly will prompt you to upload your daily nutritional intake. Based on this information, Eterly will measure micronutrient intake, vitamins, minerals, and more to ensure you’re on a balanced diet.

Sleep Patterns:

Eterly has partnered with global leaders in the sleep analysis space to ensure you’re getting the best sleep possible. Eterly will recommend sleep patterns based on the information you provide.

Integrates With Wearable Technologies:

Eterly claims to work with almost all major wearable fitness brands, including Jawbone, Heart, Apple Watch, and Fitbit.

Available On Multiple OSes:

Eterly is available for free from the Android, iOS, and Windows Phone app stores.

Animated Daily Data:

Eterly displays data in an animated, colorful, and intuitive way. Users can check their health data at a glance to get important facts.

Built On Scientific Proof:

Eterly’s unique selling point is that it’s made by real longevity experts. The app emphasizes the use of real scientific proof for its recommendations. You can view some of the scientific proof behind the app here. Eterly aims to recommend specific strategies that are scientifically proven to lengthen your lifespan.

Who’s Behind Eterly?

Eterly is made in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The company was founded by Andrew Ahachinsky in 2016.

The Eterly ICO

Full details of the Eterly ICO have not yet been released. However, the company has set a fundraising target of $15 million through its ICO.

Eterly Conclusion

Eterly is the world’s first health and fitness app designed and built by longevity experts. The goal of the app is to take wearable data, fitness data, nutritional data, sleep data, and other information, run it through an algorithm, then calculate your longevity score. Based on this data, Eterly will recommend different health and fitness activities that can improve your wellbeing.

To learn more about Eterly and its upcoming ICO, visit online today at


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