No longer science fiction: How AI is transforming health care

Andrew Ahachinsky

The world’s first app to provide health and fitness monitoring and advice for the purpose of life-extension, announced its worldwide launch last week at the Precision Medicine World Conference in San Francisco.

Eterly dovetails with fitness wearable devices such as Fitbit, or Apple Watch, gathering and storing data which is fed through a blockchain based backend and merged with scientific research data to produce what the company says are "smart, proactive recommendations which maximise the benefit of user’s everyday healthy lifestyle choices, in an "intuitive, helpful and interactive way."

Eterly dispenses advice and prompts for information using an AI driven chatbot, which acts "like a personal coach", and offers insight, suggestions, and fitness programmes specifically tailored to the user. The app will even try to tell if users have a predisposition for certain types of illness, and help them take steps to prevent the onset of life-threatening diseases.

The app, which can be downloaded from the Apple or Google Play stores, comes with a range of features including tracking of users intake of vitamins and minerals, monitoring of sleep patterns; daily activity monitoring and analysis; real time feedback; and an algorithmically determined longevity score, updated daily, and derived from millions of different data points.

Ahachinsky explained to Disrupts: "there is no one way to get healthy because we are all unique, and this is where other fitness and dieting apps can fall down. Eterly takes users specific information and customizes every aspect of its artificial intelligence to focus on their needs, not just people like them, allowing them to get healthier in the way that works for them!"

They also hope to make a contribution to the development of aging treatments and cures, working closely with leading scientists, and aging medical research centres, such as the Buck Aging Institute, which Ahachinsky and Kaminsky visited during their stay in San Francisco.

"We felt it was time to introduce a platform that will aggregate all of the existing and proven longevity and precision medicine services all under one roof", says Ahachinsky. "We are not reinventing the wheel but making longevity accessible to everyone via a mobile app."



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